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Company News >> How to make neon signs
 October 18, 2016

     Glass tube is the most important material for making neon lights. A variety of burners were used to heat about 8-15 mm diameter tubes respectively.

     Burners have ribbons, cannon or crossfire, and some torches work on butane, propane or a basic mixture of natural gas and air. When done, the electrodes will melt to each tip of the tube.

     The electrode is made of lead glass and has a small metal case with two wires running through the glass. The marked wires will be attached to the glass.

     All attachments should be seamlessly linked together before proceeding to the next task. The tube is then placed in a chamber connected to a good vacuum pump. The air in the neon tube will be cleared. When air is removed, a high current is inserted through the tube through the wires covering the electrodes. This is the so-called bombing process. The current depends on the type of electrode used and the size of the tube. Usually from 500mA to 1000mA level, the applied voltage is usually 15,000 to 25,000V.

     Shelling transformer as a strong adaptive, stable power supply. Tube length and pressure determine the voltage generated. Basically, the operator will adjust the pressure to the bomber's ability to ensure energy loss during the heat transfer.

     This sounds all high tech and complicated but nevertheless , this is how neon signs are made.

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